Re-imagining Workforce

Modern Workforce requires flexibility!

Workerly is the first platform to unify contingent workers and employees into a single platform. Recruit and manage contract workers from multiple staffing agencies from a single dashboard. Full view of worker timesheets and weekly invoices.

No surprises ever! We handle the complex stuff and save you valuable time.

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Work From Home

Remote work is mainstream and here to stay!

Workerly enables easy administration by allowing employees to work remotely. Optional geo tags help ensure clock-ins are recorded from where they are supposed to.

Maintain workplace occupancy rates by assigning workers to work remotely within a specific start and end date.

Easy clock in and out by workers using their employee app or web login makes timesheet calculations seamless

Bring workers back to the workplace with a touch of a button. No admin procedural requirements ever needed

Ensure workplace safety with integrated wellness attestation, temperature scanning & vaccine management

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Workerly integrates seamlessly with all your existing workplace systems!

Integrate with any payroll system which you are using currently. Augment your existing process.

Integrate with productivity platforms, safety or access control systems to better manage a connected workplace

What is Workerly?

Workerly is the Future of Workforce!

Workerly's unified worker platform is the first of its kind post pandemic product designed to ensure worker safety and enhance productivity in a seamlessly integrated format. Improving business efficiency is directly proportional with the well being of all workers.

For the first time an engaged worker platform ensuring efficiency and not the reverse.

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