Schedule in minutes

Match your worker availability with demand efficiently!

Scheduling workers to match variable demand at different times could be stressful and time consuming. Multiple locations complicate things. Workerly's advanced schedule planner makes scheduling a breeze.

  • Auto scheduler finds available & qualified workers in any location meeting the budget
  • On cloud management allows tracking & scheduling from a central location

Let us worry about finding you the right workers to do the job!

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Keep workers safe and workplace hygienic with integrated safety features

Workerly's facial recognition based contactless time clocks allow for an easy administration of safety checks before the beginning of a shift. Workers can easily notify of their well being with air touch or voice recognition. Our time clocks are pre-integrated with

  • Self attestation with wellness symptoms questionnaire
  • Touch-less and automated temperature scanning
  • Voluntary vaccine status & fast track entry lanes
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Remote Attendance

Ensure accurate attendance capture to meet all the requirements of worker comp as per state & federal regulations

Workerly allows for remote clocking using mobile or web app along with geo-tags to record on the job attendance efficiently for remote workers

Manage last minute schedule changes effectively with shift swaps & auto availability checker

Instant notification allows easy communication with workers, avoids delays & saves cost

Accurately track overtime hours, holiday work and shift differential pay with automated alerts

One click timesheet generation and easy integration with any existing payroll systems

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Learn how Workerly can help efficient functioning of your warehouse while keeping the workers safe!

Our future of work platform is custom made for a post pandemic warehouse & logistics industry!