More care and Less Admin

Your healthcare workers should focus more on quality patient care and worry less about scheduling!

Workerly lets you simplify worker comp, increase operational efficiency and reduce payroll expenses. The futuristic unified platform is custom built to run healthcare institutions & hospitals smoothly.


Improve Operational Efficiencies!

Workerly eliminates wasteful manual reconciliation with automation. Save on valuable work hours to enhance productivity and reduce payroll expenses.

  • Simplify scheduling with few clicks. Assign right staffing to desired shift schedules. Avoid worker burnout and turnover
  • Instant communication of shift changes and easy notification of shift acceptance by workers
  • Generate accurate timesheets with contactless clocking and pay rules. Avoid any manual reconciliation
  • Manage all workers including contingent staffing from multiple agencies with the unified worker platform
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Ensure health and safety of all Healthcare Workers by keeping the workplace safe!

Workerly's contactless clocking reduces the need to touch communal surfaces at the workplace. With integrated wellness attestation, temperature scanning and voluntary vaccine status management ensure a safe and hygienic working environment.

  • Workerly helps plan better schedules. Prevent fatigue risks by enforcing work hour limits and mandatory rest periods
  • Instant notification of schedule changes and shift swaps ensures a better work life balance for healthcare workers
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Training and Compliance

Keep up with the changing regulations and ensure worker compliance with periodic training programs using Workerly's integrated Learning Management System

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