Workplace Safety

Bring workers back with confidence!

Workerly's contactless time clocks do much more than just time and attendance. It helps with multiple workplace safety features like:

  • Integrated wellness attestation for all employees and visitors
  • Elevated temperature scanning, detection & alerts
  • Fast track entry lanes for vaccinated employees with voluntary updates
  • Density management with occupancy counters

Keep your workplace safe with Workerly, powered by Oloid AI !

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Wellness Attestation

Keep your workforce safe with self administered wellness attestation questionnaire.

Integration with the time and attendance clocks makes it seamless for employees. Reduce long wait times with faster processing of wellness and clocking!

Complete wellness screening forms online from any mobile or web browser to generate a color coded QR code for scanning at entry points.

Easy QR code scan from the mobile app.  Automate data capture & reduce documentation burden by enforcing self-certification of symptoms.

Keep the workplace safe with a 100% contactless experience. Select between air touch or voice activated response to fill out the wellness questionnaire.

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Download our Facial recognition based integrated contactless clocking app today!

Administer Wellness Check for all employees from one clocking device seamlessly

Open fast track lanes for vaccinated employees after voluntary vaccination status share

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