Efficient Work Management

Create multiple shifts & Assign workers in less than 5 minutes

Future of Work is complex! Planning a work shift requires balancing multiple variables such as 'selecting a non-exempt employee or contingent worker', 'assigning on-site or remote work', 'checking overtime limits' or 'managing cost efficiently'.

We understand the complexity, hence we automated it!

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Smart Shift Scheduler

Build schedules & share with the team instantly

The cloud based centralized scheduling tool makes shift creation across multiple locations seamless and unbelievably fast. Spend less time worrying about shift regulations and spend more time in other important tasks. Let Workerly manage compliance with all state laws. The smart worker assignment system identifies eligible workers for the shift and auto assigns them with couple of clicks making it extremely easy for project managers to fill large shifts with hundreds of workers. Notify Shift Assignments to workers instantly!

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Optimize Shift Cost

Plan and Monitor Labor Costs with the right use of regular and overtime hours

Workerly's automatic alerts and options to select workers for a particular shift is designed to prevent companies from going into overtime hours and spending more on labor costs.

Right Employee Every time

Never be short staffed

With an integrated leave management system, advance notifications and alerts are sent out to shift managers when there are employees taking a planned or unplanned time-off. Assign a replacement within seconds. Never have a short staffing problem ever again!

Making informed decisions on shift assignments have never been easier. Use real time profile information such as training certifications, hourly rates & previous work shifts to select an eligible worker for a new shift.

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Augment your existing solutions with Workerly

Workerly gives you the flexibility to augment, not replace your existing Human Resources or Payroll tools. With Workerly integration, managers can automate crucial processes and easily export attendance, payroll and overtime data from the dashboard.

Get Notified of Shift Schedules instantly on your Employee App!

Workerly automates the communication process and ensures critical information reaches every employee instantly. Work shift schedules are shared in real time with all employees using in-app, email or text notifications as soon as they are assigned to any shift. The employee app makes the notification and consent capture extremely easy.