Contingent Workforce

Deploy Contract Workers to all locations by Streamlining Contractor Management

Workerly is the first worker platform that helps businesses boost operational efficiency by managing both in-house employees & contract workers on a unified dashboard. Manage multiple contractor workers and hire new ones efficiently with a full service contingent workforce management system.

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Smart Agency Management

Enable Staffing Companies to assign Workers to your workplace

Invite your vetted staffing agencies to Workerly platform to seamlessly assign contract workers on demand. Roster all workers seamlessly from your dashboard.

Staffing Marketplace

Working with multiple agencies? No problem.

Working with multiple agencies to provide contingent workers is a great strategy to prevent short staffing. However this leads to a ton of additional paper work, attendance tracking, invoicing and other hassles. No more worries. Let us handle the complex stuff, you focus on the business.

Workerly's in-built marketplace features help manage all agencies seamlessly from the same dashboard.

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Automate Attendance verification & Invoicing Processing!

The two-sided platform for contingent worker management provides complete data visibility and simplifies attendance tracking for both the employer and the agency.

  • Staffing agencies can generate timesheets and invoices based on real-time contract worker attendance data.
  • Employers can easily access the timesheets, verify against the true source and approve invoices seamlessly
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Invite your vetted contingent workforce agency to the Workerly platform today and take the first step in streamlining your entire workforce!

Contingent workforce management platform is included with any Workerly subscription. Enable Unified worker management to boost productivity and workplace safety!

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