Simplify Overtime

Manage Shift budgets & save on Payroll expenses

Use overtime only when there is an actual need. Automated alerts are sent out to the workers and managers notifying them when approaching the designated limits. lets us worry about keeping things in control.

With Workerly manage overtime hours most efficiently!

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Overtime policy management with daily/weekly limits as per local & federal guidance. Automate Overtime pay calculation for all types of employees!

Record accurate timesheets with overtime hours & automate wage calculations. Approve timesheets instantly with one click!

Export approved timesheets from Workerly with API integration or CSV export. Integrate with your existing Payroll or Accounting system!

Remain compliant with all the worker comp regulations at all times. With accurate logs we got your back with overtime records of all workers.

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Federal, State or Local Holidays

Manage multiple holiday schedules and variable pay rates

Workerly's most advanced holiday management module allows to create and manage holiday schedules for all workers. Create multiple pay rates and groups as per your company policies.

Let us worry about tracking holiday hours & managing timesheets.

Want to Reward employees for working on holidays or allow contract workers get paid during holidays?

Workerly makes it seamless to set multiple holiday pay rates for different employee groups. Let our smart holiday module track all holiday work hours and never miss paying your employees.

  • Compliance with State and Federal regulations
  • Work Week compliance with weekly overtime rates
  • Special daily and hourly overtime rates
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