Time and Attendance

Boost Workplace Safety with Contactless Clocking

The future of workplace is contactless. Legacy systems don't cut it anymore. Workerly provides two most advanced and best in class solutions for time and attendance with contactless clocking.

Facial Recognition based biometric clocks and QR code based clocking using personal devices.

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Facial recognition based biometric Authentication

Provide a seamless touch free experience to all your employees while ensuring safety & security at the workplace. Use any of-the-shelf tablet from the market and convert it into a contactless clock. Employee faces onboarded with a quick selfie or picture taken on the tablet. Facial recognition identifies an employee as she walks up to the iPad and automatically clocks her in less than 1 sec. With more than 95% acceptance rating, Facial authentication based clocking is loved by employees and management alike.

Eliminate buddy punching and save on payroll expenses!

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Privacy and Data Security

Oloid TimeClocks work on a privacy first model. Employee consent is at the core of data storage. Employees have full control over their biometrics information shared with the application. They can easily grant or revoke access in coordination with their employers. The clocking in or out application works based on intent of the employee.

  • Oloid's proprietary FacevaultĀ® technology protects sensitive biometrics information
  • The picture captured is converted into a multi-point hash graph for safe storage
  • A full image reconstruction is not possible from the data stored in the hash graph
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Personal Device Clocking

QR code based Authentication

Worried about biometrics? No problem!

Use Workerly's Dynamic QR code based clocking system using personal devices. QR code refreshes ensuring every 30 secs ensuring the worker clocking-in is using a personal device and not a picture of code from another person. Scan the codes suing Workerly's free scanning app downloaded on any smart phone with a front facing camera. Interactive display informs the worker of clock-in time. Capture attendance safely without the need to touch any device.

Workplace Safety

Reduce communal surfaces and wait times

Ensure a safe and hygienic workplace by reducing the number of communal surfaces employees touch at the workplace. Faster clocking means less wait times and shorter lines allowing employees to keep a safe social distance from each other when clocking in or out of the workplace.

Fingerprint readers or Badge readers are a thing of the past!

Save on Payroll Costs by eliminating buddy punching & time theft

Antiquated systems for employee attendance like punch clocks or swipe key cards lack the features required to prevent common attendance frauds like tailgating and buddy-punching. Studies have shown businesses suffer a loss on their payroll expenses anywhere between 3% and 5% on an annual basis.

  • Workerly time and attendance is designed to prevent any kind of payroll fraud related to buddy-punching or time thefts with over reporting of hours
  • Attendance is automatically recorded after verifying identity based on facial biometrics or a dynamic QR code which refreshes every 30 secs
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Work from home

Increased flexibility with Remote Work Authorization

COVID-19 has upended the global industry with working from home becoming the norm for many businesses. With Workerly's seamless remote clocking authorization system, it's unbelievably easy for businesses to authorize employees to work from home during a certain time period and revoke authorization when they return to work at the work location.

Ensure compliance with attendances tagged as remote work!

Download the Free Workerly QR code Scanning APP

QR code scanning APP needs activation before it can be used to scan dynamic QR codes and send attendance information to Workerly platform. Any smartphone or tablet with a front facing camera can be used to scan QR codes.