People Risk Management

Manage people risk with our end-to-end comprehensive risk management solution

People Risk Management fills a critical need for businesses of all sizes. It helps in building & maintaining a strong culture, driving employee engagement & performance, and in mitigating numerous people-centric compliance risks that exist in every organization.

Workerly helps you manage risk with three critical components of risk management: Content, Technology and Advisors!

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From regulatory updates to handbook policies to interactive training, businesses need access to reliable knowledge along with expert guidance.


A handbook builder for easy creation & learning management system for distribution, gets the content to the right people.

Live Advisors

When content & technology won’t solve a difficult situation get instant help and guidance from our Experts in people management.

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Get one free license to use the full suite of the most advanced advisory and compliance management, with any Workerly subscription!

Never worry about keeping up with compliance requirements again.